Vow2Save featured in South County Magazine!

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Our Vow2Save program launched

We’ve been working on our Vow2Save program for years now – perfecting and enhancing its qualities. We are very excited that it is now fully functioning and helping newlyweds everywhere. On Vow2Save’s website you can set up your own wedding website with the ability to crowd fund a down payment for your first home together. We know nowadays many couples are living together before marriage or living separate in rented apartments or homes. This means most couples already have kitchen supplies and towels that most couples register for on their wedding registry. Now, instead of getting gifts that you don’t really need or already have you can register for your own home! What better way to start off your marriage than a down payment all ready for you to purchase your own home.


Vow2Save in South County mag!

We were recently mentioned in South County magazine talking about our program and what all it entails. This is really exciting for us because its one of our first public mentions with our new program! The article in South County Magazine talks about how much debt most Americans are in and how many newlyweds start their marriage off with overwhelming debt due to buying a home. Thanks to Vow2Save they can get into a home without the debt taking over. It mentions how easy it is to set up your own site with templates, infographics and how-to emails. We work with Realtors all over the country so it isn’t secluded to just Orange County! We are so excited to work with newlyweds nationwide.

We are really excited to help brides to be start their wedding website and registry with Vow2Save – so if you or anyone you know is getting married soon and wanting to buy a home please send them over to us! Email info@vow2save.com or fill out the form below for more information!



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How to Buy an Orange County Home with 1% Down

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We believe everyone, EVERYONE, deserves to own a home!! So what’s your biggest obstacle to get there?

Down payment funds?! Probably!

We don’t live in a society that saves money, so how can you buy a home if you’re savings account isn’t 5 figures or more? There’s a way, and we wanted to let you know you have options!

Orange County Down Payment Assistance Programs

A great resource to reach out to for housing grants and financial help is NeighborWorks Orange County. The NeighborWorks website lists lots of really great programs – here’s a flyer to check out just a few:


For your convenience, income limits for each program are color coded at the bottom of this sheet. NeighborWorks is located in Orange, and they’re always coming up with a new program or a way to help you improve credit, budget, and your overall financial picture. Here’s a link to their homebuyer classes, given in various languages 🙂

In order to learn about everything this great nonprofit has, it’s best to attend a workshop. They also have an online or in house course you can take to get fully equipped to buy a home. It does cost a nominal fee, but you get your money back when you provide your closing statement within 12 months. How cool is that?!??

If you’re the type of person who wants to work with a charity FIRST, or if you just don’t have a down payment and you need help, reach out by texting 949-338-7408 or filling out the form below, and we’ll put you in touch with NeighborWorks so you can get on the affordable path to homeownership!

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First Time Home Buyers Have New Opportunity

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Program is a Wish-Come-True for First Time Home Buyers

The door of opportunity has just swung wide open for first time home buyers. Those eager to get their first place now can get substantial down payment assistance through a dynamic new resource called the Wish Program. 

Bruce Lawrence, a loan officer at Pacific Mercantile Bank in San Juan Capistrano, is delighted his bank is offering this service. Naturally, borrowers must meet certain criteria. Bruce points out that in order to qualify for the program, prospects must be verifiable first-time home buyers. As long as you haven’t owned a home for at least three years, you’re considered a first timer. So this need not be your very first home.

Now here’s the really good news! First-timers can now receive a 3:1 match on home buyer contributions, eligible for properties throughout the state of California, and use in conjunction with FHA Financing.

If you’re an interested first time home buyer, the next step is easy. Simply contact Bruce Lawrence at 949.235.5353 or bruce.lawrence@pmbank.com. He’ll be happy to provide you with further details or schedule an appointment.

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Grab the Orange County Real Estate Opportunities in 2010

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New Year, New Opportunities in Orange County Real Estate

First let me wish a ‘Happy New Year’ to all.  Yes, folks, 2010 is here.  And with the new year, there promises to be a wealth of new opportunities emerging in the bustling world of Orange County Real Estate.  So get up off  your comfy couch and do what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Don’t let opportunity pass you by.  Add that to your list of New Years resolutions right now.

So maybe you’re thinking about buying your first home. Perfect!  If you’re an Orange County first time home buyer, the time has never been better. A major reason for such bright prospects is that there currently are a number of available incentives created to improve your overall experience.

If selling your home for the first time is on your mind, optimism is in order.  Buyers are returning to the marketplace. So sellers rejoice! The market is definitely moving in the right direction. In fact, there are a number things going on that will make selling easier, from listing to close. If you’re worried about Uncle Sam taking a chunk, be aware you might be able to reduce your tax obligation with a few easy and yes, legal steps.

Perhaps you’re opting to make your first Real Estate investment.  Believe it or not, there are well-focused ways to improve your financial future without getting an advanced degree from the school of hard knocks.

Indeed, the door of opportunity is opening wide in 2010.  If you’re ready to learn more about the diversity of emerging Orange County Real Estate opportunities, I’ll be happy to help.  Contact me at 949.338.7408. Or follow me @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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Orange County Home Auction Is Buyers Bonanza

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Orange County Home Auction Gives Buyers the Edge

Ready to own your own home and step up your lifestyle?  Then make fast tracks to the Marriot Anaheim on Sunday, December 13 for the ultimate Orange County home auction.  That’s when 54 units of the luxurious Harbor Lofts hit the auction block. Bids start at an ultra-low $165,000.  That’s right. $165,000.

Gotta Luv the Lofts

The Harbor Lofts are located in bustling downtown Anaheim. A nice, prestigious location with plenty of urban snap and sizzle. What else could you ask for? OK, how about pricing that re-defines Orange County housing affordability.

You’ll Also Enjoy:

  • Your choice of 1-3 bedrooms.
  • Swimming pool and gym.
  • Easy walking distance to shopping, parks, and Farmers Market, as well as a minutes-away drive to Disneyland, the Honda Center, and Anaheim stadium.

All qualified buyers are eligible for up to $125,00 in down payment assistance. And if this is your first home purchase, you may qualify to receive up to $8,000.00 in a first-time buyer tax credit. Nice.

The Remedy for Auction Anxiety

Those of you with ‘auction anxiety’ can rest assured that the whole process is actually quite simple, and even exhilarating.  Before any bidding starts, a speaker will make sure you’re completely informed with a brief summary of the terms of sale, the ways to bid, and any late changes or disclosures. The auctioneer answers any final questions you might have. Then the fun begins as bidders call out their competing offers to gain the property of their dreams. Basically it works like any other auction. If you get a chance, attend a home auction to familiarize yourself with this truly exciting way to grab big time real estate bargains.

If you’re eager to learn more about this amazing Orange County home auction event, I’ll be happy to help.   Contact me at 949.338.7408. Or follow me @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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Orange County down payment – CA down payment program

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handstand-girlHi all,

We know. You want to buy a home in Orange County because prices and rates are down.  Plus, there’s so many tax incentives right now.  Buuuut the down payment hasn’t magically appeared in your bank account.  Well, we may have a solution for your down payment blues.

This week I had breakfast with another one of our preferred lenders, Bruce Campbell. I wanted to let you know about a loan option Bruce offers which I haven’t seen from other lenders:

FHA based loan that only requires a HALF PERCENT down!

What?  Half a percent? Like, if I were buying a $200,000 condo……….. $1000 dollars? How could that be?????

I know, I asked the same thing. The program basically involves TWO loans – your first is an FHA loan, and your second is an ‘access’ loan. When you buy a property with a normal FHA loan, you are required to put 3.5% down. The second ‘access’ loan in this scenario pays your other 3%, so this is how you get away with only putting down a half percent.  *please note, there are other fees buyers need to pay such as inspection, escrow, and any other fees you agree to on page 2 of the purchase agreement.  These fees are all minimal compared to a down payment, though!*

I immediately asked about the rate of the 2nd access loan, thinking it was probably high. Bruce said its usually less than 8.25%. That’s way better than a lot of seconds, and if I recall correctly it wasn’t a variable rate loan. Ok, that base was covered.

What about other stipulations? Who qualifies? I was suprised there weren’t more – the main 3 were:

  1. In Orange County, combined max household income needs to be LESS than 103K.
  2. You need a 580 credit or above (this is for all FHA loans, though)
  3. Your Debt to Income Ratio can’t be higher than 43%. If you want to buy a home in Orange County, but don’t have 3.5% saved, this program could be a great option for you as long as you match the above criteria. You don’t even have to be a first time buyer!

Bruce said he’d be happy to talk details with you, no obligations. Here’s his contact info so you can find out for sure if you qualify:

Bruce Campbell


Phone: 949.330.6637

Cell:     714.356.7790

Fax:     949.606.9003

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