5 Reasons to Have a ‘For Sale’ Sign in Your Yard!

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1. A For Sale sign will give your home more exposure! Exposure that online posting just can’t offer! Here are a few things that having a For Sale sign can do for you and your sale process! 

2. A For Sale sign can broaden the neighborhood boundaries that potential buyers may have not have considered yet. When potential buyers are scrolling through Zillow to search for potential new homes, they might restrict their online searches and not view any homes in your neighborhood. Having the sign in your front yard can attract potential buyers as they pass through the neighborhood. 

3. Your neighbors will know you are selling your home! If your neighbors are not in the market for a new home, they may not see that your home has become available. Your neighbors may share the house link with their friends or family who are in the market for a new home. Everyone wants good neighbors! 

4. A For Sale sign can provide potential buyers with a direct contact (your Realtor). If potential buyers come across your for sale house and have questions, they know who to contact with their questions. 

5. Many potential home buyers start their home search on Google, Zillow and other real estate search engines. Online searching is efficient and makes it easy to save your favorite homes. Having a For Sale sign in your yard will give potential buyers the opportunity to snap a photo of your home, the sign, and add it to their online searches later. 

Questions? Reach out to our team, we are here to help!

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Ringing in 2019 with Real Estate Goals

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Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action Chalk Drawing

What will your 2019 look like?

We have some big goals for 2019 – one of them being helping our clients achieve their real estate new years resolutions! Whether it’s buying internationally or crowdfunding a down payment for an engaged couple, we can help you accomplish them all. Every year our whole team writes down their goals for the new year and we try to help each other accomplish them. This year, we want to do the same with all of our clients. Writing them down and being able to cross them off when they are accomplished really makes you feel good and it will make us feel good to be able to help you do that.

AskAngie Team’s Goals

Our team has a few things were really excited for this year! This year we plan to really grow our Vow2Save program. We are looking forward to helping a lot more engaged couples crowdfund a down payment so that they are able to buy a home after their wedding. This has been a goal of ours for a few years, and after a lot of work in 2018 we know it is really going to be taking off this year and we can’t wait to see the things it can do for people! We also plan to travel more this year in order to have the best information in helping our clients buy overseas. Last year we went to Spain and met with Realtors there, but we want to be able to do that in many more countries.


So much more we can do for you!

If you need help selling or buying a home after a divorce or identifying a good AirBnB investment we can help with that and everything in between. We have various services that we are experienced in. Another goal we know some of our clients have is to stop renting and own their first home and we are so excited to help many people achieve that this year especially with the current rent prices in OC. We can help you figure out what your home is worth and how you can sell it fast and for top dollar! We truly value our time with our clients and being able to help them grow their real estate profile and accomplish their goals. If you have any questions or want to share your goals with us so we are better able to  help you please fill out the form below or contact Angie at 949-338-7408!

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Resort Living All Year Round in HB

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Affordable Huntington Beach, CA Condo

IMG_1063Looking for your first place or a beach close investment property?  Look no further – 5096 Tortuga #104 is prefect for a college student, first time buyer, bachelor / bachelorette, snowbird, or even investor since there’s great rental potential! Located just over a mile from the beach, the possibilities of sun & fun are endless.


Cabo del Mar Community condos

IMG_1048With a long list of amenities that include a clubhouse, pool, spa, sauna, tennis courts, racquetball courts, gated parking, and a large greenbelt area that over looks the wetlands, Cabo del Mar lets you indulge. Plus being situated near shopping, restaurants, and dog beach offers such a convenient lifestyle. If you like nature, you’re just moments to the Bolsa Chica wetlands and the sand of Huntington’s world famous beaches. It’s easy to see why people flock to Huntington Beach!

Cabo Del Mar has parking galore, with underground subterranean parking spots for residents and street level parking for guests, you’ll always be sure to have close parking to your condo. Unlike most studios, 104 has an extra level of privacy / separation thanks to the plantation style shutters, ceiling added soundproofing, and quiet location in the complex. On cool beach nights sit IMG_1045in front of the cozy gas fireplace to warm up and relax.

5096 Tortuga is a must see, a solid investment priced at just $284,999 this unit won’t last long! To schedule a private viewing call us, The AskAngie Team at 949-338-7408, fill out the form below, or email us at Angie@AskAngie.com.




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Owning Laguna Hills Real Estate May Take Some Creativity

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“As Orange County realtors with specialization in Laguna properties, the Weeks team has been successful at helping folks just like yourself actualize your dreams and own a piece of Laguna Hills real estate.   It is always recommended that you consult a financial advisor when it comes to a large purchase, but don’t be surprised if you find out that you may qualify as a candidate to own Laguna Hills real estate!”  –  “Laguna Hills Real Estate –  Creative and Savvy Ways to Own”, OC METRO.

Though many people don’t see themselves as potential homeowners, most people with somewhat decent credit just need to think outside the box a little to get into a home. Whether its sharing payments with roommates, using another property as leverge, or having a family member co-sign, it may take creativity to get that Laguna Hills real estate you’ve always wanted.  Find out what some creaive homeowners did to afford their Laguna Hills real estate!

Click here to read the full article, entitled, “Laguna Hills Real Estate –  Creative and Savvy Ways to Own”.

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OC Green Realtor Issues Eco-Footprint Challenge

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Once again this ever-vigilant Orange County green Realtor has been scouring and searching for eco-friendly ideas to share with the world. And I’m pleased to say I recently discovered a unique set of resources for anyone who’s ever wondered what kind of impact they’re having on this planet’s ecology.

OK, even if you haven’t exactly been sitting up nights pondering the matter, you definitely should know about this opportunity. I’m talking about five super websites that will reveal how big a footprint you’re leaving on earth’s precious environment. If you’re the least bit curious, please take a moment visit at least one of these sites —

earthlab – Invites you to learn how big a carbon footprint you’re leaving on the earth. Just provide a bit of info, and you’ll get your carbon score free of charge. Take this challenge, and prepare to cut back on the carbon.

Conservation Internaitional – Organization that provides smart solutions to protect our natural resources. Offers user-friendly carbon calculator gives you a quick peek at your pollution.

Carbonfund – Another wonderful site dealing with … you guessed it, carbon and how you can contribute less of it. Features CarbonFree® Partner program, a unique way to help your business calculate, reduce, and offset carbon footprints.

National Wildlife Federation – Works across the country to protect the ultimate life-sustaining resource, water. Features water calculator.

Center for Neighborhood Technology – This organization has been a leader in promoting urban sustainability, or the more effective use of existing resources. Airhead, the site’s emissions calculator, will teach you just how much air pollution you create.

After You Know the Size of Your Footprint…

We’d like to know how you did. And, what positive changes you plan to make. Don’t worry. This won’t affect your FICO score. But your efforts will have a positive impact on our planet. You can fire off a comment below. Or or tweet @weeksteam with #green.

And, of course, if I can be of help, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can connect with me at 949.338.7408 or  angie@askangie.com,  @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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How to Choose the Right Realtor

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Realtor

It hurt a bit. But I had to do it. I gave away a cash buyer this past week. Really had no choice. The woman simply was a better fit for another Realtor. You see, I work primarily with email. And she lacked this mode of communication. A rarity, of course. But in this case, a reality. All of which has inspired me to dig deep into my reservoir of knowledge and share some thoughts on the importance of choosing the right Realtor.   

Obviously, you’ll want the chosen one to demonstrate plenty of market smarts, as well as the willingness to help you feel comfortable. But once these basic requirements have been fulfilled, there are other things to consider.

First, you’ll want to make sure your modes of communication are compatible. Do you want a techie? A phone talker? Someone who tweets or chats it up on Skype? Provides digital contracts? Remember, it’s all about what YOU want in an agent. So make sure yours is on the same communications wavelength.

Naturally, the more confidence you have in your Realtor, the better. So be certain a Realtor’s license is displayed on his or her website. It’s your assurance of a certain level of professionalism.

Another thing to make sure of is that the person you’ve chosen is a Realtor, and not just an agent. What’s the difference? In order to qualify as a Realtor, an agent must be a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). That puts Realtors one gigantic step above ordinary agents. Among other things, membership in NAR carries with it a whole set of ethical guidelines as presented in the organization’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practices. We at Weeks Team are proud to say we are full-fledged Realtors!

‘Nuff said. Follow these few steps, and you’ll soon be well on your way to connecting with the right Realtor. Happy Hunting!

If you’d like to learn more about connecting with the right Orange County Realtor or about Orange County Real Estate, I’m ready to help. Just contact me at 949.338.7408 or angie@askangie.com. Or follow me @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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Make the Most of Your Money – DIVERSIFY!

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Mission Viejo Book Signing – ‘Making the Most of Your Money’

Last week I visited the Mission Viejo Library to get a copy of what is supposed to be the best personal financial planning book on the market right now. Entitled ‘Making the Most of Your Money’, it was written by Jane Bryant Quinn.  Honestly, I had never heard of Jane Bryant Quinn until recently, but she definitely is a highly respected voice in the money management community.

Jane got off to a light start, joking that she almost named her book ‘Making the Most Out of What’s Left of Your Money’. She agrees that the economy is in a bad place, adding that the government needed to step in in order to prevent a full-on depression. But this cloud has a silver lining – the economy is recovering. Nevertheless, we’re still feeling some economic aches and pains, which is why keeping our finances in mind and tightening up our ship is such a good idea.

Jane covered quite a bit of financial planning territory. Regarding our current bull market, she recommended diversifying accordingly. She also touched on inflation, predicting that fortunately this monster won’t go very high.

For the U.S. government’s role, Jane pointed out that Congress may soon be restoring the Paygo law, which is intended to control government spending. This, along with a tax increase, could significantly help our budget.

So how do savers and investors pick their way through the current financial wilderness?

First and foremost, according to Jane, get OUT of consumer debt. “Debt is like feeding your dollars to squirrels.” Do NOT make it normal. Debt and credit are not glamorous. Sure, they seem fun at first, but when it’s time to retire and your mortgage is soaring, the debt beast will likely bring you to ruin.

In the Real Estate arena, Jane cautioned that we shouldn’t expect the height of where we were in 2007 for many, many years. OK fine. Thanks for that. In general, home prices follow the inflation rate. Currently, consumers aren’t thinking of their homes as investments. But that’s OK. Because when all is said and done, according to Jane, it STILL PAYS to OWN a HOME!!!!!! But watch those HELOCs. Let’s get back to that concept of paying down our mortgage, people. Jane also advised don’t take a reverse mortgage until you’re in your 80’s, even though you are allowed to in your 60’s.

If you’re underwater on your rental investment, it’s probably a good idea to lower your rent to keep your tenants. You must be prepared for losses for years and years if you are a serious real estate investor.  Make sure you have liquid cash flow.  You can also consider short sale or foreclosure if the property is a huge drain. Talk to a professional Orange County financial planner and / or consider some by the book investment education.

As for stocks, Jane mentioned that she talked with many of the top financial masterminds all over the nation. Apparently, the majority of them have the bulk of their own funds in a broad market index, something like S&P…

She added that for young people, lifestyle funds are a good idea, even though they’ve received a bit of a bad rap.

Jane also stated a good formula for your retirement fund risk is this: subtract your age from 110. Whatever that number is, that’s the percent you should be investing in stocks. As you get older, this formula helps you safely transition into a majority of bonds and a lower risk portfolio.

There are so many valuable insights in this book, it was THICK!  I’m sure  ‘Making the Most of Your Money’ is truly a valuable guide to sound financial planning.  But seriously, no matter how many books we read someone, who does financial planning for a living will always be better than we are, IMO.  You should have a professional on your side.  Just like you should in real estate!!

Speaking of property, if you would like your diversification strategy to include owning some Orange County Real Estate, I’m happy to help.  Contact me at 949.338.7408 or angie@askangie.com.  Or follow me @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.  Happy investing – feel free to post what has and has not worked for you here!

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Great Deal on Laguna Niguel Condo

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Laguna Niguel Condo Has It All

If you’re seeking a slice of the good life in Orange County, this Laguna Niguel Condo could be exactly what you’re looking for. This is a wonderful listing that you definitely should have a look at. It’s a single story condo with two bathrooms and two baths creating the perfect space for a single person or a small family. Located in prestigious Laguna Niguel North, a community known for its excellence and charm, this residence is in an exclusive gated community that offers both security and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.  Individuals seeking a perfect blend of affordability and luxury will find this property irresistible, with an asking price of only $225,000. This is an incredible price, considering the first-rate location of the property.  The only drawback is that the neighborhood is not FHA approved.

A deal this good won’t stay on the market long, so I encourage interested buyers to get in the game early.

24212 Avenida De Las Flores #127
Laguna Niguel
Property Details:

  • # Garages                              1
  • # Units                                    1
  • AP #                                        938-71-292
  • Assoc Dues # 1                     249
  • Assoc Dues # 2                     70
  • County                                   OR
  • Cross Streets                        La Paz/Pacific Park (Oso Pkwy)
  • Hi-Rise Floor Entry               1
  • Lot #                                       1
  • Model Code                            ^
  • Stories                                    One Level
  • TGNO                                       921G6
  • Total Floors                           1
  • Tract #                                   10922
If you’re interested in grabbing the deal of a lifetime with this amazing Laguna Niguel Condo, you may contact Angie at 877-230-3211 or angie@askangie.com to schedule a showing or get any of your questions answered.
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Grab the Orange County Real Estate Opportunities in 2010

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New Year, New Opportunities in Orange County Real Estate

First let me wish a ‘Happy New Year’ to all.  Yes, folks, 2010 is here.  And with the new year, there promises to be a wealth of new opportunities emerging in the bustling world of Orange County Real Estate.  So get up off  your comfy couch and do what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Don’t let opportunity pass you by.  Add that to your list of New Years resolutions right now.

So maybe you’re thinking about buying your first home. Perfect!  If you’re an Orange County first time home buyer, the time has never been better. A major reason for such bright prospects is that there currently are a number of available incentives created to improve your overall experience.

If selling your home for the first time is on your mind, optimism is in order.  Buyers are returning to the marketplace. So sellers rejoice! The market is definitely moving in the right direction. In fact, there are a number things going on that will make selling easier, from listing to close. If you’re worried about Uncle Sam taking a chunk, be aware you might be able to reduce your tax obligation with a few easy and yes, legal steps.

Perhaps you’re opting to make your first Real Estate investment.  Believe it or not, there are well-focused ways to improve your financial future without getting an advanced degree from the school of hard knocks.

Indeed, the door of opportunity is opening wide in 2010.  If you’re ready to learn more about the diversity of emerging Orange County Real Estate opportunities, I’ll be happy to help.  Contact me at 949.338.7408. Or follow me @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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Addicted To HGTV?

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I recently found myself bored while my husband was out watching sports so I tuned into HGTV to see if anything interesting was on.  Luckily for me “Design On A Dime” was being broadcast.  This is an awesome show that has really helped me as an Orange County Realtor.  Design On A Dime gives tips on how to sell your Orange County ca. home.  The home stagers on this show come up with some fantastic creations that save home owners thousands all the while making homes sparkle.


I have begun using tips from this show (as well as other HGTV shows) to sell the homes I represent in Orange County.  I find myself constantly amazed by the creations that these home stagers come up with and just how much money they save.


I’d now like to share with you some of my favorite tips from this show.


  1. De-clutter – Serious.  Nothing else matters without it.  Not your version of de-clutter, either.  A professional organizers seal of approval is what’s going to get you an offer in.
  2. Make it yourself.  In this economy, your elbow grease can pay off.  go ahead, Use that scrap wood to make a clutter container, a mantle, a masterpiece!
  3. Improvise.  If you want affordable design, you can’t be set in your ways.  I loved the way they sewed together 3 bathmats to make a rug.  There is always a cheaper solution if you are creative enough to improvise.  And that MDM wood is a great option too!
  4. Recycle.  I love the flea market dumpster diver approach!  One mans trash truly is another’s treasure, so don’t be afraid to take something, fix it up, and make it yours.  Plus it’s the green thing to do!  Also, if you’re doing demo remember to call habitat for humanity.

Should you have any questions about these tips or if you’d like to share your tips with me, please contact me.


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