Orange County Rentals – what NOT to do!

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There are a ton of Orange County rentals right now, and I continue to see people trying to get into a lease, but they are going about it the wrong way.  Everyone loses when this happens!  I know what I write below should seem like “common sense”, but right now, apparently not.  Can you tell I’m annoyed?  HELP me HELP YOU, like Jerry McGuire would say!!!!!!

Here are 3 things you should NOT do when you are looking for Orange County rentals:

1.  Partially filling out your application
2.  Working with multiple agents
3.  Stiffing on your appointments

I am going to explain why each is bad for you, and hopefully this madness can stop 🙂 

First, its essential that you fill out your lease application COMPLETELY, even if you are putting in n/a.  Your application is the initial impression your landlord will get from you!  You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Yes, we all understand that you would like to keep some of your life private… but not putting your bank account info or balance on an application makes the owner of the property think you don’t HAVE a bank account.  Would YOU rent to an individual who did not know how to use the bank?  I think not.  The same goes for your references.  If you leave this blank the owner thinks that not one person out there will say a nice word about you.  Would YOU rent to someone like that?  A nicely written application (oh, we need to be able to read your writing too!) that is complete, goes a loooooong way.  Its ok if you don’t look perfect on paper, you need to be honest anyway. If you think the landlord won’t consider you if they know the short details then write a letter of explination and paint us a picture of how we can make this situation work for all involved.

Second, why are you working with multiple agents?  Do you really think you’re going to get better service that way?  If the agent you are working with is lazy and puts you on the back burner then CALL them, be honest in how you feel, and select a Realtor who CARES about you and your situation.  Thinking that 3 or 4 agents out there looking/working for you will get the job done quicker is WRONG.  Agents talk, and they will eventually find out about eachother.  Go ahead and apply that scenario to relationships and dating.  When you date multiple people and aren’t honest about it, what happens when they find out?  Who loses?  That’s right, cheaters never win.  In real estate either.  You may or may not know this, but unless a Realtor closes a deal with you, they do not get paid.  How ethical is it for you to let 4 people work for you knowing 3 of them will not get paid?  You need all the good karma you can get when you are looking for a good rental in OC!!!  Do yourself a favor and build a relationship with ONE, GOOD, Realtor. 

Finally, its important to GO to the APPOINTMENT you made!  Agents are constantly stiffed by internet inquiries.  Craigslist is such a great resource, and it makes us sad that stiffers are giving it a bad reputation.  Its totally ok if you decide you don’t want to see a property.  Agents LIKE it when you can filter out properties from the internet and not have to be carted to each one.  What they do not appreciate is you calling them, telling them you will be there at 7pm Friday night, and then you not showing up and not answering your phone.  These agents are re-arranging their schedules for you, and its sooo disappointing if you don’t call to say you will not be there.  Its common courtesy, everyone should practice it.  Stiffing agents makes them not trust you.  If they don’t trust you they won’t prioritize you.  If you think they don’t prioritize you, you may begin working with multiple agents….do you see how this is a vicious cycle?! 

Any and all comments are encouraged — go ahead and expose your rental horror stories, and the things you’ve learned not to do.   Here at The Weeks Team, we have proven strategies to make your application look good and get you into a rental.  Tell your friends, but only if they aren’t stiffers!!! 🙂

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