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California Real Estate under attack – YOU can help!

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ImageHi everyone,

I received a disturbing email today that could, in the words of one of our OCAR board members Wally Malesh, ‘be the most detrimential decision for California real estate in the last 30 years’.  For the sake of your home and those of your family, I encourage you to take action according to the instructions here.  Both Realtors and homeowners need to speak up and let the truth be known!  So I don’t get any of the info wrong, I’m simply going to copy / paste the email from California Association of Realtors:

C.A.R. is issuing a Red Alert to ALL Key Contacts in our efforts to OPPOSE the so-called “Homeowner Bill of Rights.”

This bill was approved this morning in a Conference Committee and could be voted on by BOTH houses of the Legislature as soon as Monday, July 2nd. Please get back to me ASAP with any feedback you get from your legislators. For your convenience, I’ve included links to our Key Contact rosters with phone numbers:

Assembly Key Contact Roster:

Senate Key Contact Roster:

Please note, here are the votes of the conference committee members:

Yes: Evans, Eng, Ron Calderon, and Feuer.
No: Blakeslee and Wagoner.

C.A.R. Opposing Conference Report that STALLS Housing Recovery

Call Your Legislators TODAY!

C.A.R. is OPPOSING a conference report, AB 278, containing anti-foreclosure legislation sponsored by the state Attorney General. C.A.R. opposes provisions in this measure which will allow anyone to stop the foreclosure process by filing a lawsuit, merited or not, C.A.R. agrees that careful and balanced reforms to the foreclosure process are necessary. However, C.A.R. opposes this conference report because it will further delay the housing recovery by inviting bad-faith lawsuits and defaults, and making it difficult for even well qualified borrowers to obtain financing. Financing is already very difficult to get. This conference report will only make a difficult situation worse.

Initially the Attorney General had sponsored a package of bills; the so-called the “Homeowners Bill of Rights.” For procedural reasons, the majority of these bills have been under consideration by a Conference Committee made up of six legislators. REALTORS® had the opportunity to educate these legislators about C.A.R.’s concerns as part of Legislative Day and since then C.A.R. lobbyists have been working directly with the conferees and legislative staff to make them aware of the unintended consequences of some of these proposals. The Conference Committee has now issued its final report and it must be passed by both Houses of the legislature. These votes may occur as early as Monday, July 2nd.

Action Items

Please contact your local legislators – both Republican and Democrat.

Please ask them to vote NO on the conference report (remember that it CANNOT be amended).


The Attorney General has sponsored a package of bills to place into California law an expanded version of the national settlement between major banks and state attorneys general. The contents of some of these bills have been under consideration by a Conference Committee comprised of six members who have just approved a conference report on a party-line vote. Some provisions will have the unintended effect of drying up mortgage loans for anyone but the most well-qualified borrowers, and increasing the costs of all mortgages.

One provision allows any borrower, no matter what the circumstances, to file a lawsuit. This will encourage opportunistic lawyers to pursue frivolous lawsuits, bringing unnecessary and unjustifiable delays to an already difficult and time consuming process.The language is so vaguely written that the borrower doesn’t even have to show that they have been harmed to file suit and be awarded damages., One-sided  attorneys fees may still be awarded only to plaintiffs based on the very broad definition of a “prevailing party” in the report. And, of course, if lenders don’t have the remedy of foreclosure to ensure they can recover their security in appropriate situations, they will be less likely to lend, credit will be less available and the housing market recovery will limp along even more slowly.

C.A.R. is OPPOSED to the conference report because:

  • The housing market recovery is still fragile. About half of all sales are of distressed properties. By restricting a lender’s ability to foreclose and exposing them to unnecessary liability, this report will dry up inventory, and it will further discourage lending other than to the most highly qualified borrowers. Additionally, these bills will artificially slow down the foreclosure process, keeping properties off the market that are legitimately in foreclosure. Finally, by removing the threat of foreclosure, the bill erodes the incentive for short sales as well.
  • The bill invites bad-faith defaults and lawsuits. By broadly defining under what circumstances a lawsuit can be filed, even those legitimately in foreclosure can “game” the system. Additionally, the bill creates an incentive for plaintiffs’ attorneys to file frivolous lawsuits even if no harm has been done to the borrower. The courts are already overwhelmed. This bill, by inviting frivolous lawsuits puts an additional strain on the already underfunded courts
  • Lending is already tight. Even the most well-qualified borrowers are finding it difficult to obtain financing. By stopping legitimate foreclosures, banks will be forced to further tighten lending standards at the expense of homebuyers.

I hope that you’ll take a moment to fight for our California real estate market and its health.  Feel free to comment below or tweet @angieweeks on how your calls to the legislators go.  Thanks for your time and support!

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Why Buy Orange County Property NOW?

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Orange County Property is a great investment for TWO reasons right now:

  1. Home prices have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY in the last 5 years, the median home in Orange County is now an affordable $435K!
  2. Loan rates are the lowest they’ve been in 20+ years.  A picture is worth 1000 words:

Reproduced with the permission of

If there were ever a time to buy Orange County property, its now.  Renters are renting properties that they could be buying for the same price or LESS.  Down payments are affordable, and banks are even allowing ‘gift money’ if you haven’t been able to save your down payment.

Call us NOW 877-230-3211 before this window of opportunity closes.  The presidential election is coming up, and that can frequently cause uncertainty in the economy, which can drive up interest rates.  Questions?? tweet @angieweeks or call one of our preferred lenders for info!

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Orange County HARP Program & Negative Equity Options

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Orange County HARP program - do you qualify?

Orange County HARP and other underwater refinance options may be able to keep your home afloat

Are you under water on your home?   Check out this great article from Derek Beisner, one of  our Orange County preferred lenders, about negative equity refinance options!

HARP 2.0 May be an Option You & Your Family Can Benefit from

These days, the word harp stands for more than just a beautiful musical instrument. In the home loan arena HARP 2.0 stands for the Home Affordable Refinance Program. But what is HARP 2.0 exactly and -most important of all-can you benefit? Read on for details.

HARP 2.0 is an enhanced refinance program that allows Orange County homeowners with qualifying mortgages to be able to take advantage of today’s historic low interest rates, even if their home has decreased in value or is worth less than their mortgage balance. The program was first enacted in May 2009, but was enhanced recently to give more homeowners the opportunity to refinance.

Who Qualifies for HARP?

To qualify for this program, your current mortgage loan must be owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac must have taken delivery of the loan on or before May 31, 2009. Fannie Mae’s program is called RefiPlus and Freddie Mac’s is called RefiRelief.

You may be making payments to your lender or servicer without realizing that Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac actually own the loan. You can determine whether your mortgage is owned by either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae by checking the following websites:

What Features Does the HARP Program Offer?

One of the exciting features of HARP 2.0 is that there is no longer a limit to how much equity is needed to refinance. What’s more, there are no underwater refinance limits! Previously, borrowers whose loan-to-value limits were greater than 125 percent were ineligible to refinance. Now, borrowers can refinance no matter how far their homes have fallen in value 🙂

In addition, many of the fees associated with the original program have been reduced or eliminated. Also, a full appraisal may not be required-which can save time, money, and perhaps some anxiety.

HARP 2.0 allows for refinancing to a lower interest rate and payment, shortening the term of the loan, moving from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage-or some combination thereof.

Occupancy may have changed since the original loan was written, and in some cases the property can even be listed for sale.

Will HARP Cover All My Mortgages?

HARP 2.0 only applies to first mortgages, so if there is a second mortgage or home equity loan in place, it will need to remain in place. Most second lien lenders have been very accommodating in allowing for HARP refinances to occur. If the current loan has private mortgage insurance (PMI) on it, most PMI companies are very flexible and accommodating with transferring coverage from the current loan to the new loan.

For more information please contact Derek Beisner at 949-637-9939, or call The Weeks Team at 877-230-3211

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