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Orange County Loan Modification you can TRUST

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Loan Modification You Can Trust
I say that you can trust because of the following four reasons.
… Our Results
80% Success with all clients.
9 out of 10 of these — we negotiated a 2% rate.
99% success rate for the self employed.
The 20% we are unsuccessful are due to income loss/changes for W2 applicants.
… Our Non-profit Status
Law changes now require all Modification Entities to be a Non-profit.
We started the process to change to a Non-profit two years ago.
Now, the people of the state of California officially own the company.
… Our Experience
We have modification experience with all the major lenders since 2007.
We know the modification guidelines require for success.
Our process will stop the foreclosure sale of the property.
…Our References
Hearing from a past client is one of the best methods of building comfort to trust a company.
We hope you take time to look at our website at
There at the website you can read many statements sent to us by past clients.
Here’s The Problem Many Homeowners Face
·         1 out of 3 homeowners are in trouble making their mortgage payments.
·         99% of homeowners are unsuccessful to negotiate a modification directly with their lender.
·         Many have sleepless nights worrying about whether they will lose their home.
·         Being self-employed, the tax return income is not enough to qualify for a refinance.
And, The Solution We Offer
·         90% of our successful cases start with a 2% rate over 40 years.
·         Security to keep your home while we work on your modification.
·         We negotiate deferment of outstanding payments due on the loan.
·         During your modification process financial breathing room is created.
·         Our fee is only $1595 of which $100 is not due until we are successful.
Most of our clients see in a new payment structure.
Loan Amount                                 Payment
$300,000                                            $600
$400,000                                            $900
$500,000                                            $1200
$600,000                                            $1500
These payments are usually half of what are currently being paid by most. There has never been a loan available that is this good for the very best of qualifying people.

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Home Grown Tips For Landscaping Green

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Alright, you’ve decided to enhance the value and the beauty of your Orange County home with some first-rate landscaping. In preparation, you’ve no doubt pondered issues like space, style, and plant choice until your head hurts. But have you stopped to consider the environmental impact of your home improvement  project? The good news is that you can boost the beauty of your home and help keep our planet green simply by considering factors like water use, runoff, and sustainability in your landscaping strategy.

How Green is Your Roof?

One good way to score high points in these areas is by growing native fruits and veggies on your property. Indigenous plants already fit perfectly into the ecosystem. Since this type of foliage naturally belongs in the region, it requires less irrigation and less pest control than your average outsider. To save even more precious H2O, group together all plants with similar irrigation needs.  Plants that drink together, save water together.

You’ll also want to retain the maximum amount of natural landscaping. Keeping an abundance of native plant life in place does wonders to minimize runoff.

On the fertilizing front, composting is an effective, eco-friendly way to liven up your soil.  Check out Home Depot. They offer an excellent selection of easy composting solutions that will jump start your future of fertilizing.

OK. That’s it from this end of the planet. Does anyone else out there have some eco-friendly landscaping suggestions? We’d love to hear about them. Just fire off your ideas below. Or tweet @weeksteam with #green.

And be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions. You can connect with our green team at 949.338.7408 or,  @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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Making the Orange County Move Green Style

Posted on May 29, 2011. Filed under: First Time Buyer help, Making Life Easier, Orange County Real Estate | Tags: , |

Whether you’re moving into or out of an Orange County home, you probably have a ton of stuff to lug along on your journey. And that, of course, means you’ll be needing an assortment of boxes and other packing materials for the thousand and one household belongings you’ve accumulated over the years. Now what if you could get your hands on the required packing materials and be a friend to the environment all at the same time?  You can with Green Packaging. This outstanding service will provide you with everything from boxes made of recycled materials to biodegradable poly bags. Once you have the needed boxes, make sure you reuse the heck out of them. And when the hard-working boxes have served their purpose, give them to somebody else to use over and over and over again. Both the recipients and our planet will appreciate the gesture.

But packing is just a starting point. Here are a few other eco-friendly solutions for folks on the move —

  • Don’t trash unwanted items. De-clutter by connecting with CraigsList or And be aware that the Habitat for Humanity Restore will gladly accept virtually any of your donated belongings. After all, one person’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  • Request a green termite clearance.
  • If re-doing landscaping, consider using native plants to reduce water use and runoff.

Does anyone else have some eco-friendly suggestions for people on the move? We’d love to hear about them. Just fire off your ideas below. Or tweet @weeksteam with #green.

And be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions. You can connect with our green team at 949.338.7408 or,  @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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What Does Green Mean?

Posted on May 23, 2011. Filed under: First Time Buyer help, Home Improvement Ideas, Orange County Real Estate | Tags: |

We all want a greener planet earth. But exactly what does green mean?  This is a tough question to answer. Seems everyone has a very personal set of standards.

As far as housing goes, you know your home is making the green grade when it’s blessed with a high LEED rating, Energy Star certification, or HERS score.

One thing green doesn’t mean is bland functionality pitifully short on good looks. Just feast your eyes on this selection of remodeling solutions to see the excitingly aesthetic side of eco-friendly.

Interested in introducing some eco-friendliness to the place where you hang your hat?  Try these to enliven your Orange County home with green goodness.

But deduct major points if you dispose of non-green refuse in a landfill. Far better to recycle, renew, or reuse.  Maybe you’ve heard of Habitat RE stores or  Both are superb remodeling or updating partners.

No doubt you have your own ideas about eco-friendly. So what do you think makes a household green? Feel free to fire off your comments below. Or tweet @weeksteam with #green.

And, of course, be sure to reach out to us with any questions. You can connect with our green team at 949.338.7408 or,  @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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Brownfields, Greyfields, and Greenfields…How They Impact Your Community

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Chances are you’ve heard the terms brownfields, greyfields, and greenfields. But do you know what the differences are? A basic familiarity with these terms can help you make a tremendous impact on your community. Here’s the quickie course:

  • Brownfield  – This is a former industrial site, particularly the kind filled to the brim with hazardous contaminants. Among the contaminant-oozing culprits are former dry cleaning facilities and gas stations.
  • Greyfield – This is the designation for a large structure such as a shopping mall or commercial facility that has been abandoned. What remains, of course, is a large, empty development used only by assorted rodents, insects, and other creatures that have no place better to go.
  • Greenfield – Undeveloped section of land. Rapidly becoming a rarity.

Is there a brownfield or greyfield upsetting the natural balance of your own Orange County community? Consider joining forces with your neighbors to convert one of these eyesores into a thing of beauty, such as a spectacular new commercial building. A great example is the NAR headquarters in Washington, DC. This impressive structure was built on a former brownfield and has achieved lofty LEED silver status.

Are there any brownfields or greenfields in your Orange County community screaming for your attention? We’d love to hear about it. Just fire off your comments below.

And if you’d like to learn more about contributing to an eco-friendly community, you can connect with our green team at 949.338.7408 or,  @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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How Sustainable is YOUR City?

Posted on May 8, 2011. Filed under: First Time Buyer help, Orange County Real Estate | Tags: |

Imagine a city designed with a major focus on environmental impact. As part of the plan, all citizens would strive to minimize usage of energy, water, and food, as well as waste output of heat, air pollution, and water pollution. This is a description of a sustainable city. And with green consciousness on a rapid rise, count on a lot more of these eco-communities developing in the future.

Our ‘green team’ has put sustainable cities high on the list of topics to stay in tune with. In the process, we’ve compiled a list of measurements that apply to this type of community:

• length of commute to work
• air quality
• surface water runoff
• greenhouse gas emissions
• road congestion
• housing affordability
• locally grown food availability
• amount of parks and greenways
• percentage of trucks that use alternative fuels
• car pooling / car sharing initiatives
• public transportation
• city sustainability departments

Did you ever consider how your own beloved city compares to other sustainable cities? Find out at Sustain Lane. And if you’d like to go a bit more global, you can learn how your own country compares by checking out Yale University’s environmental performance index.

As part of the Weeksteam green effort, we’ve integrated with Walk Score in order to provide a walk score on our listings whenever you search for Orange County property. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you create a satisfying sustainable lifestyle. Register today to get your property listed, complete with walk score and much more.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can connect with me at 949.338.7408 or, @AngieWeeks or @WeeksTeam.

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Orange County Home Staging – need a FAST sale?

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Many of you have heard of Home Staging and thought “OK, maybe, but does it really work? Is it really worth the money?”

Last night I got a call from a home-owner I worked with at the end of March to pick up some props. When I staged their house I left some items behind and told them to give me a call when the house sells so that I can pick them up. In today’s market houses usually sit for a few months before an offer is made so you can imagine my surprise when I got the call.  What happened? Why did they ask me to come pick up the props? Surely the house could not have sold so fast.

Orange County home sells 4 Days after staging – accepted offer was above asking price!!!

Let’s look at how much this staging saved them. For each month that a house is on the market a seller has to pay mortgage, utilities, insurance, taxes and any other owner related bills. Assuming the average mortgage is around $2,000 that is a lot of money spent each month the house is on the market. Knowing that, how much would you be willing to pay for a service that can help sell your house faster? Would it be worth $1000 to save months of those expenses? My services for this house cost these owners well under $1,000 and we used only what was already there. The owners were still living in the house and had everything we needed on hand.

If you are considering selling your house make the investment in Staging. It will save you so much money in the long run, and get your house sold much faster.

For more information check out our website dedicated to Orange County Staging!

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